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My Story.

Bloated, out of shape, and out of breath, I knew something needed to change. 

I started running in High School but I only fell in love with fitness after college, which is when I decided to start my fitness journey. I thought - "what better way to be 'all in' than to run a marathon? I trained and completed the 2010 Marine Corp Marathon in DC. And the rest is history.

Shortly after, I became an NASM-certified Personal Trainer because I wanted to help others along their journey. While I never pursued it professionally, the knowledge I was able to pass to friends and family and the programs I helped create always left a lasting impression on me.

My two biggest professional dreams in life were always to work at a Social Impact Org I care deeply about or to help others in their fitness journey through writing & personal training. I finally get to do both.


Your Story.

You've been wanting to get in shape for years.

You need someone to keep you accountable.

You've been at it forever and hit a plateau.

You are not sure where to begin.

You know nothing about fitness.

If even ONE of these sounds like you, welcome.

You're in the right place.

Stay a while.

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